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  • Extra virgin olive oil

    The property

    L’olio d’oliva:

    • It promotes digestion.
    • It protects the stomach mucous and mouth
    • It prevents atherosclerosis.
    • Regulates the amount of cholesterol in the blood.
    • Ha azione emolliente, quindi favorisce la produzione di bile, regolarizza l’intestino, stimola il pancreas e una maggiore produzione di enzimi.
    • It has emollient, and promotes the production of bile, regulates the intestines, stimulates the pancreas and increased production of enzymes.
    • It contributes to the harmonious development of children.
    • In ancient times it was used as a drug to treat ear infections and wounds and to prevent wounds.
    • Bears frying (up to 210-220 degrees centigrade) better than other oils.
    • After 3 hours at 200 degrees Celsius does not change the composition of fatty acids.
    • And 'particularly pleasing to the palate for its fragrance
    • Olive Oil and ages of life

    Come nutrirsi
    Being highly digestible, olive oil is very suitable in the early stages of weaning to be added to various foods from the fourth to fifth month of life. And 'an irreplaceable food because it provides the body with oleic acid, very important for brain development and bone mineralization.
    In adolescence
    In this hyperactive phase fast-growing energy needs touches the highest levels. Olive oil is a comfortable reserve of energy, however, it can easily be inserted in the diet even in cases of bad relationship with food.
    In adults
    Food maturity involves proper diets that have become lifestyle choices, style. Bad choices are likely to have consequences in future years. What diet to follow, how caloric intake, how to divide the calories during the day. Here's what everyone should know by heart. The daily diet should always follow the good rules, except natural exemptions or digressions on special occasions (but also celebrate with food requires rules).
    At this time the olive oil is the basic element of diet
    The elderly
    When the body ages, the bone and the muscle mass (lean body mass) fell, while increasing fat mass. It 'a natural tendency that proper nutrition can, however, hinder successful. However, please note that at this stage of life the power is also linked to various factors (loneliness, lack of physical activity, mental state, financial resources, chewing problems etc.).
    However, due to its digestibility, to its laxative effect, to its authenticity, the olive oil is able to counteract the lack of appetite, to reduce digestive difficulties and facilitate the absorption of vitamins and mineral salts.
    In pregnancy
    During pregnancy a woman needs an average of about 300 calories a day: nothing better than two large tablespoons of olive oil. The rest should be protein. Essential fatty acids (contained in olive oil) and proteins are indeed the building blocks best suited to build the child who will come to light.
    beneficial properties of olive oil

    The beneficial properties that the extra virgin olive oil has on the body are numerous:

    • Riduce la percentuale di colesterolo Ldl
    • Riduce i rischi di occlusione delle arterie
    • Riduce la pressione arteriosa
    • Riduce il tasso di zucchero nel sangue
    • Aumenta la secrezione di bile
    • Aumenta l’apporto di Vitamine A, D ed E
    • Facilita l’assorbimento delle altre vitamine
    • Previene l’arteriosclerosi
    • Previene l’infarto del miocardio
  • Honey
    Karolus the Wildflower Honey, for all the problems of our body. Cold, cough, weakened immune system: are the evils of the season arriving, on time, with the first cold and the psycho-physical stress of the changing season. The losers in forces in a healthy and effective way we think that nature, with its products, always knows remedy there where health does not assist us. Dispenser of energy and vitality, honey is one of the most powerful allies of the current season. complete product par excellence, honey is valuable for its many healing properties (within it are trace elements, vitamins, antibacterial and antibiotic substances), is the healthiest substitute for refined sugars and sweeteners and is l ' "ingredient" more It used in natural cosmetics, with beneficial and therapeutic effects. This time of year the wildflower honey has the same effect of a vaccine: if you suffer from allergies, get a honey produced as close as possible to where you live and you will see that will help counteract the symptoms. What is the most suitable for honey to children? The wildflower is the most suitable because it provides the right amount of glucose and minerals, necessary for the growth of children. And then we dispel the myth that honey is fattening and rot your teeth: on the contrary, is a "living" food that combats tartar and helps the intestines to not get lazy. If we really want to eliminate sugar, sostituiamolo with good honey, even for children
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